Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction for September 11 to September 17

Whenever you’re confused about a situation and you’re looking for answers, it’s always a good idea to ask the Tarot for guidance! Whether you steadfastly believe these cards can tell you your future or you simply love the ritual of it all, your Tarot horoscope for the week of September 11 to 17 will give you the guidance you’ve been needing.

ARIES (Ram), March 21 –April 19


Card of the week: The World

You are in the midst of completing a major assignment or task. Things that you were working hard for will start to materialize now. Time to reap the benefits of your long term efforts.

This week might bring in occasions of talking major decisions of life. Have courage and go ahead.

Finances look promising. You might consider or even invest in new financial investment plans.

You might take your relationship to the next level. Commitment or marriage are on the cards.

Overall, a good week to relax and enjoy the joys of life.

Lucky Number: 3, 9

Lucky Color: Blue

TAURUS (Bull), April 20 –May 20

Card of the week: The Hermit

The Major Arcana card Hermit represents self-reflection, introspection, contemplation, solitude, search for self and wisdom.

You must be thinking about what you want out of your career right now. You may be looking for a purpose, you are contemplating options but struggling to take the necessary steps forward. The Hermit appearing right now signifies that the universe might bless you with a mentor or guide or the universe would send you signals to lead you to the right path. 

You may feel detached from others or even your love interest. You might want to spend some time alone and look at your relationship for a distance .Existing relationships will go through a difficult phase of soul searching, but remember end of the day it is for your highest good.

Lucky Number: 3, 6

Lucky Color: Violet


GEMINI (Twins), May 21-June 21


Card of the week: The Fool

The major arcana the fool’s card is here to tell you that your period of confusion and delay is over. If you’ve been looking to start a new career path, change jobs, get a promotion, or even start your own venture, the Fool can be a welcome card to begin your new journey with a clean slate. You will be carefree, ready to take risk and optimistic about success.

You are ready for the new adventures of life.

The fool card indicates a new relationship, be ready to expand your horizons and receive the gift of love. Relationships will receive new directions. If you are currently struggling in your relationship take a short break and start a fresh.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky color: Yellow

CANCER (Crab), June 22-July 22

Card of the week: Four of Wands

This week is the perfect time to celebrate with the ones you love the most. You might be a part of a significant event like wedding, birthday, family get together, reunion etc.

The four of wands wants you to let your hair down and relax. You are now enjoying a period of happiness and stability. Financial stability and security will prevail.

Relationships will be nurturing and blissful. Have a great time.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky color: Orange


LEO (Lion), July 23 – August 22


Card of the week: The Star

The Major Arcana card, The Star is a card of spiritual connections. You will find yourself feeling very positive, motivated and free. The Star is a super positive card which brings the period of calm and stability. The Star is very positive sign that things are going to go in your favour or something even better is going to come your way.  You will have great opportunities coming your way in terms of work and finances. Things that were stuck or slow moving will speed up.

Love life looks positive and you may meet the right one now. It can also signify someone from your past coming back into your life to rekindle a relationship

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky color: White

VIRGO (Virgin), Aug 23-Sep 22

Card of the week: The Wheel of Fortune

The Major arcana card shows up to reminds us that life is subject to constant change, nothing is permanent. Big changes are coming your way, make sure you make the best of this time. This trump card also represents the law of karma-what goes by comes by. Be nice to people and help them because you are going to receive the same from the universe.

If you are going through tough times then this is a sign that your struggles will end. Your life situations will change. Have faith in the universe.

The wheel of fortune is also a card of destiny so you might meet your soul mate if you work in alignment with the universe .Relationships will experience changes, you might want to take a step ahead to start a new phase or even a step back to find the real purpose of the relationship

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky color: Pink


LIBRA (Balance), Sep 23- Oct 23


Card of the week: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents abundance, prosperity, new job, promotion, wealth and fame.

You will be strongly pulled towards new projects and opportunities. It is a great time to manifest your dream job, career growth, promotion, relationship, health and happiness. Your prayers will be answered.

Ace of Pentacles indicates that you have a fresh start coming in terms of love. You should be meeting someone new soon. If you are in a relationship, you will be blessed with abundance of happiness, peace and prosperity.

Lucky Number: 2, 4

Lucky Color: orange

SCORPIO (Scorpion), Oct 24-Nov 21

Card of the week: Temperance

The card of balance, harmony, patience moderation and peace

You have found peace in the chaos. You have mustered the art of letting go .You have gained clarity about what you want in life and you are working towards it without paying heed to the external factors which are disturbing you from quite some time.

This is the right attitude and the best approach, go ahead and you shall achieve what your heart desires.

Temperance shows up to tell you that you are doing a good job in balancing your career with different aspects of your life.

In term of relationships, you need to be cautious, do not indulge into deep rooted issues or arguments. Stay calm and take care of your actions. The key to a harmonious relationship right now is having patience.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Color: Red


SAGITTARIUS (Arches), Nov 22 –Dec 21


Card of the week: The Sun

The major arcana card “The Sun” marks the beginning of happy times and great success in your life. The Sun is the card of Positivity, success, optimism, joy and good luck.

New opportunities will come your way and you will be successful in whatever you take up this week.

Finances and investments will yield more profits.

The Sun brings positive energies into your relationship. You will enjoy a great time of happiness and harmony with your loved ones.

Lucky Number: 1, 10

Lucky Color: Orange, Golden

CAPRICORN (Goat), Dec 22-Jan 19

Card of the week: The Emperor

You have a chance to grow in your career and achieve your highest goals provided you take charge and follow strict discipline. At work place you may be put in charge of some important position or project. You need to make the best out of it now. Your career will flourish with hard work and persistence .You might also receive support from your boss or colleagues.

Money matters are needed to be handled with care. Do not overspent and work on your savings.

If you are single or in a relationship, you need to focus and work on your relationship. Investing time and energy will help you find peace and harmony in matters of the heart.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Color: Brown


AQUARIUS (Water Bearer), Jan 20- Feb 18


Card of the week: Nine of cups

Nine of cards is the card of contentment, Satisfaction, happiness, pleasure and wish fulfilment.

This card showing up for you this week means you will be blessed with a content life in all aspects of your life –work, family, relationship, friendship health and your overall wellbeing.

Something you have been wishing for has the highest possibility of coming true this week. Keep manifesting.

Something amazing might happen at work place, a new assignment, a reward, an increment or a better opportunity you were wishing for may show up this week. Your financial status is likely to improve.

Singles need to socialize to meet the one you are looking for. Relationships will be comforting and soul satiating. Your relationship will reach new levels this week.

Lucky Number: 3, 9

Lucky Color: Blue

PISCES (Fish), Feb 19-March 20

Card of the week: The Magician

This week is all about your determination, power and will to work and achieve your goals.

It is time to tap into your full potential without hesitation. It might be in your new job, new business venture, new assignment or a new relationship.  It shows that the time to take action now, if you delay, you might miss out on the life changing opportunity .Make that move now. Do not procrastinate.

You have all the tools to make your relationship as big success, put good use to all the tools you have and create your magic. If you are looking for love, this is the time to get into action.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Color: Green


Vastu Tip of the Week

Place a Money Plant in the south-east corner of your room for attracting abundance of wealth, good luck and prosperity in your life.

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