Polymer Memory

Polymer memory

Polymer Memory is a digital electronic semiconductor device used for digital data storage in plastic , such as computer memory, where data is stored on a silicon integrated circuit memory chip. ex(memory card) A polymer known as PEDOT (polyethylenedioxythiophene) .Polymers are electronic material that can be processed as liquids.

One million bits of information could fit into a square millimeter of material the thickness of a sheet of paper.


  • Data stored by changing the polarization of the polymer between metal lines.
  • less transistors per bit of storage
  • Memory is  non-volatile storage is a type of computer memory don’t lost  stored information even after power is removed.
  • Only need Microsecond to reads.
  • Low power utilization.
  • It’s a very cheap technology which gives it a upper hand over other technology.

Application of an electric field to a cell lowers the polymers’ resistance this increasing its ability to conduct current. The polymer maintains its state until a field of opposite polarity is applied to raise its resistance back to its original level. the different conductivity state represent bits of information . a polymer retains space charges near a metal interface when there is a bias or electrical current , running across the surface.

These charges come either from electrons, which are negatively charged, or the positively-charged holes vacated by electrons. We can store space charges in a polymer layer and conveniently check the presence of the space charges to know the state of the polymer layer. Space charges are essentially differences in electrical charge in a given region. They can be read using as electrical pulse because they change the way the device conduct electricity.


  • The fundamental strength, I.e. the stacking of memory layers which yields maximum storage capacity in a given footprint is the main reason why polymer is highly preferred.
  • The non-volatilizes and other features are in built in molecular level and offers very high advantage in terms of cost.
  • Polymers, which are once considered to be the main reason for pollution and referred to be removed from the earth , has found a new area of utilization.

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